PTA Board Members 2022-23

President Paul Tsai  
Vice-President Membership Simone Jackson  
Vice-President Volunteers Amy Thompson  
Vice-President Grants Alicia Wong  
Vice-President Programs OPEN  
Vice-President Communications Kaili Baker  
Treasurer Aly Cohen  
Secretary Carmel Sasaki  
Reflections Chair OPEN  
Bellevue School Foundation Liaison Jessica Fenton  
Spanish Program Liaison OPEN  
Chinese Program Liaison OPEN  

Thank you to the outgoing Board members for their outstanding service! Miae Aramori, Ligia Calvo, Sarah Keibler

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Consider joining the PTA board for the 2023-2024 school year!

Lead general and board meetings. Public face of the PTA. Oversee all PTA financials, programs, and fundraisers. Meet with the school administration once per month.
Time Commitment: minimum 1 hour/week
Prepare & distribute agendas for all board and general PTA meetings. Keep track of attendance at all meetings and confirm that the quorum has been met. Take detailed minutes at meetings. Keep track of all votes that happen at meetings and online. Maintain records and present minutes from previous meetings to the board for approval prior to the next meeting.
Time Commitment: minimum 2 hours/month
Authorized custodian to manage the funds of the PTA on behalf of the membership and the board of directors. Serve as chair of the budget committee and presents the budget to the membership. Tracks and records all financial transactions: membership dues, donations, receipts, disbursements. Keeps the PTA compliant with rules and regulations, reporting to government agencies and state PTA as required. Inform committees of budgeted funds. Pays bills and reimbursements as required (within 48 hours of approval). Oversees ongoing PTA finances. Ensures adherence to approved PTA budget. Prepares and presents budget/treasurers report for each PTA meeting.
Time Commitment: up to 1 hour/week depending on duties, can vary with ongoing events/programs
At-Home: can be done mostly at home, all bookkeeping and business filings are online.
On-Site: check mailbox at Tillicum Middle School as needed (typically monthly or less), has PTA room key, take deposits to the bank as needed.

VP Membership
Attend several events throughout the school year talking to families about the PTA and signing people up for memberships. Maintain database of current members. Should be able to attend all board and general PTA meetings and give updates on what is being organized.

VP Programs
Oversees all the business of the PTA – Box Tops, Community Building, Walk to School Day, other school functions. Work with the Chairs to make sure activities are organized and progressing. Should be able to attend all board and general PTA meetings and give updates on what is being organized.
Time Commitment: Minimum 3 hours/month
At-Home: Mostly done organizing at home