Staff Appreciation Snack Bar
Seeking donations for our Tillicum Staff Appreciation Snack Bar. Our amazing staff will be treated to snacks and drinks in their staff lounge Jan. 23-27. Thank you for your support!


So far we have raised $9080... almost half way to our goal of $20K!
Thank you everyone for your continued support! We really want our TMS students to earn a school wide party so we have extended our November fundraiser til November 27th.
Follow the link to donate to our November PASS THE HAT Fundraiser:
We also accept cash or checks made payable to TILLICUM MS PTA. You can turn in this donation form with your payment to the Tillicum PTA lockbox in the front office.
As a reminder… Tillicum Middle School PTA qualifies for corporate gift matching! Notify your employer of your donation to Tillicum PTA's November PASS THE HAT fundraiser and please also send a notification to the PTA at If you need help getting the PTA set up with your company's matching gift program, feel free to email us with any questions.

Please spread the word and let's make sure we can keep our wonderful programs at our school. If we don't reach our fundraising goals:
  • Reduced support for 8 grade graduation party
  • Significantly reduced after school programs - cooking club, math club, tutoring, Tiger points and prizes, 6th grade camp, etc..  
  • Reduced teacher appreciation
  • Less resources for music, arts, and drama programs at school
  • Less resources for library - less books, poorer equipment
  • Less support for WEB program
  • Less fun programs such as ice cream social




Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Social 2022

Pass the Hat Fundraiser
DONATE HERE   Our goal is to reach 20K... if the goal is met, the PTA will hold a fun party for the whole school!   Thank you everyone for your continued support! Every little bit helps. We have two more days for our students to earn their school wide party. Tell your friends and family and keep the momentum going! Follow the link to donate to our November PASS THE HAT Fundraiser: We also accept cash or checks made payable to TILLICUM MS PTA. You can turn in this donation form with your payment to the Tillicum PTA ... read full article

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Possible BSD Elementary School Closures


By now you have likely heard about some of the BSD elementary schools potentially being closed next year. Two of the 7 being considered for closure is Tillicum's next door neighbor, Phantom Lake Elementary and another feeder school, Eastgate Elementary. Check out "Planning for the Future" for information that the district is using as its reasons for closing elementary schools.

Please consider showing your support for our BSD elementary schools. If we don't address this now, this issue will soon happen at the middle school level as well.

What are some of the things the community is saying?

"For Phantom Lake Elementary, this decision is based on numbers that do not include preschool as part of enrollment, even though they are an integral part of the PLE community. Phantom Lake's enrollment has grown consistently over the last 5 years and the school does not deserve to be closed."
“I didn’t see a lot of depth of analysis in their demographics study. But big decisions that dramatically impact the community are being made using it.”

“House prices are not the only driver and maybe not even the strongest driver of enrollment given that enrollment has gone both up and down uncorrelated with the direction of house prices. It’s more complicated than what the study says.”

“COVID caused a dislocation in the statistics. They seem to be simply extending the trend without understanding what drives the trend.”
“15 percent of Bellevue residents are 5-18 years old. That’s 22k people. The current enrollment is 18k. That’s 4000 kids that are not attending BSD. Why are they not?”
“Our neighborhood has had an influx of new families buying newly built homes. To my knowledge, all of the new families are sending their kids to private schools. Our son is now attending a private school and when we he left BSD no one asked why or where he was going.  They do not track this information so they don't have any true data about why kids are leaving.”
“This is the same famed demographer that was predicting increases from the apartments in Spring and especially Overlake in 2020.  I remember him saying we needed another Elementary closer to Overlake to deal with the surplus instead of the bakery site at the Spring District, which I imagine the demographer encouraged BSD to purchase...  I also know several families that started and continued private school during the pandemic because they were more reliably open.”

"If immigration recovers, it might dramatically change things? I remember not too long ago they had to hire a new teacher on an emergency basis at Eastgate to create a new class for 5th grade. "
“Maybe they should run schools more like a business and not look at shrinking at the first sight of revenue decline but look at why it’s declining and the addressable market. Is it because BSD is becoming less competitive?”

YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED! Here are some actionable items that you can do to help:

 Phantom Lake Elementary 

1. Email the school board at and let them know how important PLE is to you and your child. You can also email each school board member and BSD Executive team members. (Emails listed at the bottom of this message). You can also contact the City of Bellevue, city council members, etc. 

As you craft your emails, here are some questions to consider:

- Why does your family love PLE?

- What negative impacts would closing PLE have on your family?

- What are the benefits of having PLE in your neighborhood?

- With preschool being an integral part of our community, how does them not being counted in our enrollment make you feel?

2. Join other PLE parents in a rally on 1/17 at 7:15am as PLE staff meet with district executives. Refreshments will be available. Wear your thunder spirit wear and support our school and staff!

3. Join the parent-staff strategy meeting on 1/17 in the evening to brainstorm ideas of how the district could avoid school closures and suggestions of ways to save PLE and why PLE matters to our students, staff and community.

4. Attend the Community Feedback forum here at PLE on 1/23 at 4:30 in the library.

5. Sign the petition, “Save Phantom Lake Elementary”:

6. Sign the petition, “Slow the Process to Close BSD Schools!”

It's time for us to speak up and SAVE PLE! Thank you for your support and partnership! We encourage you to stand up and let your voice be heard. Tell our Bellevue School Board and BSD Executive Team what Phantom Lake means to you and your family. Any questions email the PLE PTA at



  • Who: Anyone concerned about the future of Eastgate Elementary.  Per district announcements and newsEastgate is in danger of closing at the end of THIS school year, and if that happens our children will be consolidated into other schools.  
  • WhatThis is a Community Planning Meeting to come together and strategize how we can move forward to present best alternative actions, and come together with a united front before our Open House Community Session on 1/23 with some of the decision makers. 
  • Where: Eastgate Library, and on Zoom.  If you CANNOT make this meeting, PLEASE STILL MAKE 1/23 A PRIORITY. They need to see what Eastgate means to us, and how DEEPLY the effects of this potential closure will resonate in our neighborhood and city. Show support by wearing your Eastgate gear! 
  • When: Wednesday, 1/18 from 7-8:30 PM 
  • How Can You Help?:  There are community members who are working on communication platforms separate from our PTA outlets, that will be distributed ASAP.  These will be used to mobilize, communicate more info that is released on these huge changes, and share thoughts, ideas, and information.  Please keep eyes and ears out for those very soon.
    • Attend the Community Meeting on 1/18 so we can strategize and plan on how we want to move forward.
    • Attend the Open House Session 1/23 to directly tell the decision makers what our school means to you!! Show up in any Eastgate spirit wear or grade level tshirts.
    • SIGN and SHARE our petition,
    • TELL your friends what is going on!  There have been many emails, and not everyone knows what is happening.  Talk about it on text, at drop off, pick up, and at any neighborhood groups you are a part of. 
    • Be INFORMED- Please see these two links that explain further the changes happening and decisions being considered:
    • Planning for the Future, and the Growth and Planning Presentation
This is an "ALL hands on deck" time for our community.  We need to work together for the future of our school!  Please make all efforts to attend both meetings, but especially on 1/23.  Mark your calendars! Please direct any questions about this 1/18 Eastgate Community Planning meeting to



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